The Casey Jones Story

Casey Jones began on an idea of fairness. Owner Josh Leemhuis was tired of seeing all of Canberra’s best fine dining experiences confined to a small inner-city area. It was time to bring the food revolution that had been steadily increasing Canberra’s presence on the world hospitality stage to Gungahlin. Casey Jones is a place to meet your friends for a hearty breakfast before heading into work. A place to have group lunches and a glass of boutique beer. But most importantly it’s a place that raises the bar for what it means to be a pub by combining superb service, splendid ingredients and a friendly, local vibe into the perfect dining experience.

The Tale of Jonathan “Casey” Jones

“Casey” Jones was a 19th Century railroad worker hailed for his heroism trying to stop his passenger train from colliding with a freight train in Vaughan, Mississippi. His selfless refusal to abandon his post in order to save as many passengers as possible immortalised him in history as ‘The Brave Engineer’. The legend of Casey Jones has been recounted many times over the years but the most iconic rendition is the 1950 Walt Disney animation also titled ‘The Brave Engineer’.

Not be confused with the bat-wielding vigilante from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, Jonathan “Casey” Jones earned his nickname from living near the town of Cayce in Kentucky. He was a skilled engineer and a proponent of bold new technologies and ideas. His selfless nature, sense of adventure and bravery in the face of imminent danger has inspired many individuals since the turn of last century.

Our History

Josh Leemhuis & his partner, Shell, have run a family hospitality business for many years. They honed their skills running the iconic George Harcourt Inn - more affectionately known as “The George”. They know how to bring people together, create a great atmosphere and provide excellent food and drink. But, just like the brave man who inspired their new establishments name, they knew it was time to do something bold, new and take everything to the next level. Casey Jones is the result of years of hard work, meticulous planning and countless hours in search of the perfect ingredients & unique beverages.

The Service

When you arrive at Casey Jones you won’t have to stand around awkwardly waiting to be seated or try and find yout own table. Our own Maître d', Sorrel, will be waiting to greet you with a friendly smile and show you to your table. You won’t need to waste your night lining up at the bar to order food either - Casey Jones has full table service! Good old-fashioned service will make your night at Casey Jones one to remember.

The Food

It’s hard to define the style of Casey Jones menu–it really is that unique. But if it were summed up in a few words it’d be ‘Southern American Spanish Fusion’. Headed up by Head Chef, Abel, smokey flavours, citrus fruits and a variety of artisan cheeses underpin many of the dishes. From the soft shell crab on charcoaled brioche to the egg pappardelle pasta with braised lamb shoulder there really is something to delight even the most seasoned foodie or picky diner.

The Drinks

Head barman, Jamie, has spent countless hours tasting, testing and tweaking our truly unique list of cocktails and other beverages–and he’s enjoyed every moment of it! His mission was to create a truly new combination of flavours and there’s something for everyone in the mixer. Does he have a favourite? It’s hard to choose but the Maple Bacon-infused Old Fashion or the classic Shrub Cocktail is a must try!

Casey Jones Pioneer Club

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